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Lubrication Systems Type MD125

Lubrication Systems Type MD125

Electronically controlled lubrication system

The single-point lubrication system type MD125 is a reliable and easy to use electronically controlled lubrication system with an electromechanical drive. It can also be used as a multi-point lubrication system by using of splitters or progressive distributors, and its extremely compact pump body and low weight make it particularly suitable for areas with limited space. With its precise conveying technology, this system is suitable for automatic lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, gear racks, open gears, chains, ball screws, spindle drives and much more.


Flexible and compact models

Type MD125 is available in two model variants: The MD125-B works with a 4.5V battery and an operating pressure of 15 or 35 bar (switchable). The type MD125-V is operated with 24V DC and can optionally be connected to the existing PLC. The higher operating pressure of up to 15 or 50 bar (switchable) opens up even more application possibilities. In addition to the 125 ml cartridge, a larger 250 ml cartridge can also be screwed onto this model. With the built-in dispaly and microcontroller specific lubrication intervals can be programmed. Due to its compact dimensions, the type MD 125 is ideally suited for retrofitting in many applications.


The advantages of Type MD125

  • precise, reliable delivery of lubricant
  • battery operation,voltage supply 24V
    or connection to machine control system
  • delivery pressure 15-35/50 bar (174 - 508/725 psi) depending on design
  • emptying time 1-24 months
  • synchronization with the machine operating time possible
  • operating temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
  • visual warning of malfunction (LED and display)
  • visual inspection of the fill level possible at any time
  • vacancy report
  • flow rate independent of temperature
  • connection of hose line possible*
  • delivery of oils and greases up to NLGI-cl. 2
  • compact dimensions
  • special fillings available
  • adaptable to splitter / distributor


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