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EIE Maskin  – mechanical transmissions and linear systems

EIE Maskin AB has been delivering high-quality machine components since 1930. We offer a wide range of machine components for industrial use and heavy-duty applications in automation, linear systems, material handling, and transmissions. We assist our customers in developing customized solutions for optimal performance and increased profitability for your operations and production. Download our digital product brochure here. Any questions? Feel free to contact our sales engineers:

+46 8-727 88 00info@eiemaskin.se


Industrial Fairs

Get inspired by innovative solutions at one of the upcoming industry fairs. Visit our booth to see several of our products and discuss customized solutions at many different Industrial Fairs in the Nordic.


We offer high quality products from market leading suppliers to offer a wide range of products for industrial use. We also provides specially designed components to ensure that our customers will get the right products for maximum results.

Contact EIE Maskin

Do you have any questions? Please contact our customer service or one of our sales engineers in Sweden, Norway or Finland. Welcome to EIE Maskin – a part of Indutrade

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