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Precisionskulbussningar från Sferax

Ball bushings

SFERAX is a manufacturer of high quality ball bushings and high-precision shafts.

Ball bushings from Sferax

The linear ball bearings from Sferax is designed to be used for automation, manufacturing, robotics or other industrial fields. You will find a wide range of linear bearings and exceptional choice of applications.


Tolerance | Sferax ball bushings:

The ball bushings can be made of high precision, like their shafts. The ball bushings from Sferax have five different precision classes, from medium (B) to high precision (ZA). 

  • B = good precision
  • A = very good precision
  • XA = high precision
  • ZA = very high precision


Products from Sferax:

  • Ball bushings
  • High-precision shafts


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