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EIE Maskin AB arbetar kontinuerligt med hållbarhetsfrågor

Quality & Environment

EIE Maskin AB Quality policyAs a distributor EIE Maskin AB is an important link in the chain between supplier/manufacturer and customer/user. Every employee shall deliver products and services which fulfil demands from customers, colleagues and other interested parties. All employees shall take a full quality responsibility in the field that he/she is active.

EIE Maskin AB Quality targets

As a distributor EIE Maskin AB is an important link between supplier/manufacturer and customer/user. Our task is to exert and influence our existing and future suppliers and ourselves to strive to continuously reduce the impact on the environment.


  • Create opportunities for incessant improvements in our quality management system.
  • Continuously enhance our employee’s knowledge about our products, services and market demands.
  • Continuously improve our external and internal communication.
  • Fulfill our costumers demand on product quality and meet the aim of security of delivery.



EIE Maskin AB Environmental policy:  

  • The environmental policy and targets of EIE Maskin AB are to be known by every employee. The employees shall be motivated to propose and implement environmental improvement measurements.
  • Criteria and regulations in environmental legislation are always to be followed.
  • Our aspiration is a minimum use of resources, re-utilization of all waste products and to prevent pollution.
  • In the procurement of suppliers and partners their environmental work will have an impact in the decision making. 



Sustainability Report 2023:




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