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Lubrication Systems Type 125 & Type 475

Electronically controlled lubricater 

The single-point lubrication system type 125 and type 475 is an electronically controlled lubricater which is based on the grease gun principle. After starting the operation, a nitrogen gas is generated electronically to move a piston.


Type 125 & 475 long-term use

The grease filling by the type 125 and 475 is pressed out evenly (not pulsating) at constant pressure according to the selected dosage. Depending on requirements, a emptying time of 1-18 months can be selected for a grease filling via microswitches. The transparent housing, which can be mounted in any position, allows a visual check of the amount of grease still available at any time. After complete emptying, further use is possible by refilling.


The advantages of Type 125 and Type 475

  • precise, reliable delivery of lubricant
  • battery operation
  • emptying time 1-18 months
  • synchronization with the machine operating time possible
  • visual check of level possible at all times
  • connection of hose line possible*
  • special fillings available
  • delivery of oils and greases up to NLGI-cl. 1
  • Atex possible (II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 / T3 Gb)


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