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PMW Dynamics är tillverkare av högkvalitativa motorer och ställdon för industriellt bruk

PMW Dynamics

Brushed Pancake Motors in several different series. The PMW GP series can provide a cost effective servo capability in low volumes. Using flat armature technology the motor is ideal for general purpose applications.

PMW Dynamics – high-quality motors

PMW Dynamics pioneered the development of the in-wheel electric motor and have delivered many thousands of high-powered and compact in-wheel motors. They have a wide variety of customers in the marine, aerospace & defence, heavy industrial and commercial automotive markets. 


Advanced servo motors

PMW Dynamics design, develop and manufacture advanced servo motors. Their solutions include both brushed an brushless configurations supplied either housed or frameless. Brushed variants are produced with both inner and external rotor designs. 


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About PMW Dynamics:

PMW Dynamics is Europe’s largest manufacturer of printed motors. Founded in 1963 as Printed Motors Limited (PML) they are the original European manufacturer of pancake motors. The US manufacturing arm of the same decade was PMI Motion Technologies Inc. which later became part of Kollmorgen and then part of Danaher/Fortive and is now part of Altra Industrial Motion Corp.


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