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Speed reducer for mechatronics – Archimedes Drive from IMSystems

Speed reducer for mechatronics | Archimedes Drive

Archimedes Drive - speed reducer

The Archimedes Drive from our supplier IMSystems is a speed reducer with unique technology for truly zero backlash. The drive system has outstanding precision, accuracy and efficiency that is specially adapted for advanced mechatronic applications in industry. 


Areas of use for the Archimedes Drive: 

  • Industrial robots
  • Medical equipment
  • Monitoring Defense
  • Aerospace
  • 3D printer
  • Simulators


Product specification | Archimedes Drive from IMSystems:

  • Choose your own gear – Archimedes Drive revolutionizes motion control through its innovative design
  • Human cooperation – Archimedes Drive's silent operation ensures that humanoid robots can work alongside humans
  • Real zero game – Its unique gearless mechanism minimizes lost motion, ensuring precise control and movements
  • Overload protection – The product has the ability to enter a slip position under excessive torque conditions.


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